Super Kids Challenge

The pandemic caused children to stay home which significantly increased the screen time in children and parents were looking for more ways to spend quality time together with their children. 

SuperKids Challenge is a series of challenges launched across the country to help young children learn core values and educate parents on the importance of instilling core values in their children. 

Each challenge has an activity pack containing a colorful themed medal, a fun booklet, and a certificate that the parents can award when the children are ready. 

This is a fundraising campaign to help the development of children and vulnerable families.

Aidhan's Mommy

“Me and my son loved the happy planet book since and thanks to MOMS we got to do some amazing activities together”

Aik’s Daddy

“Thank you MOMS for this wonderful activity pack. It really is worth buying knowing that the money will be used to help children in need”

Anna's Mom

“My daughter absolutely loved the book. She thought football was for boys. And now she’s interested in becoming a football player”


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Kindness Award

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Football Challenge

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Planet Happy

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