Hiyyvaru Program

Every day our community members reach us with queries and issues they face where they are unaware of ways to seek help on matters that relate to personal, social, and economic aspects of a woman’s life.

Apart from that, it has now become a necessity for both parents to work in most families for a better financial footing. It has come to our attention that many potential women across the country lack the proper knowledge on how to use their skills and talents to earn a sustainable income.

Women’s Empowerment being a key pillar of Moms Aid, we initiated the Hiyyvaru Project under our Rising Together Campaign focusing on advocacy, awareness, and vocational training programs geared towards the well-being and empowerment of women throughout the country.

All our awareness sessions and vocational training programs are designed to cater to the emerging sectors in our society by experts and specialists in the field to create a society of self-worthy and financially independent individuals contributing especially to women’s empowerment and growth.