Help Nafeesa’s Family

Help Nafeesa’s Family

Help Nafeesa family campaign

People with mental health issues are often neglected by authorities and society.  Nafeesa’s family was one such family we identified with a total of 17 members living under one roof. These include 5 mentally unstable siblings (2 women and 3 men), elderly parents, and  8 children (under 15 years) born out of marriage as a result of rape. The whole family is taken care of by a sister.

Their living conditions were substandard with the residents of the house sleeping on the cement floor and thin mattresses, all furniture was broken beyond use, with no household appliances and accessories. They were unable to afford 3 square meals a day and this led the children to beg and forage garbage of other houses for food. The house needed a complete refurbishment and they lacked a hygienic and a safe environment 

To assist the family to overcome the difficulties and improve their living conditions, we conducted a social media fundraising campaign. Through this, we succeeded in collecting MVR 31,926.00 from various generous donors. 


We successfully concluded Help Nafeesa’s Campaign and handed over the house to the family in January 2021. Our heartfelt gratitude to the community for their generous contributions towards the ‘Help Nafeesa’s Family’ campaign. With the collaborative efforts of MOMS NGO and our partner EHEE JAMIYYA, we were able to provide the family with clothes, study materials, toys, and accessories, along with a safe and renovated home. This project included plastering and painting of all walls, changing the electric wiring, fixing the ceiling, and installing a sewage system. We also provided the family with necessary household items, furniture, and a gate for the entrance to maintain a safe environment. Additionally, the family received monthly care packages for 6 months, and baby products were provided for Nafeesa’s newborn for 10 months. We are delighted to have successfully completed this project with the support and trust of the public.