Help Nazima’s Family

Help Nazima’s Family

Help Nazima’s family campaign

The biggest dream for any woman after marriage is to live a happy, content, and decent life. However, sadly this dream is shattered for some women, as they have to face sadness and torment in their marriages. Even if we think about our own society, we’ll be able to realize that there are many such families that are going through such painful situations. Some of these mothers are bravely fighting so many battles to secure the future of their children. The story we share with you today is about such a woman, the life story of an exemplary and strong single mother.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived at Nazima’s house was that the house was old and broken down. Despite the daylight, the house appeared to be filled with darkness. When we entered the house, the first thing that caught our eye was the broken chairs and table. All the furniture was in an unusable state. There wasn’t even as much as a floor mat. Nazima’s 12-year-old son was sitting near the table watching tv.

Upon entering the room, we found two toddlers sleeping on the tiles with just their diapers on. In the heat of the afternoon, the room was filled with hot air. The children had neither a bed to lie on nor a blanket to cover them.

Nazima is a strong mother, despite solely looking after 5 children below the age of 12. Nazima is now ready to give birth to her 6th child. Her old mother also lives with them. Nazima’s situation makes her incapable of working to earn a living. However, her mother spends her allowance on the house expenses and the expenses of her grandchildren out of love for her family. Our hearts were touched when we heard their story.

“I can’t describe in words the physical and mental abuse that I received for more than 12 years of our marriage. My ex-husband was rarely in his senses due to the bad habits he had. I was abused every such night. He did not even care that we were sleeping in the same room as our 5 children. On several nights, he would forcefully fulfill his needs. Due to this, I have 5 children despite not wanting so many. I love my children so much, but they only get pain and abuse from their father. He did not spend on any of the children in the 8 months after divorce. My mother is the one who gives even if the children are sick or in need of anything. I don’t even have any nice clothing for my children. Now I am 9 months pregnant. I don’t even remember the last time I had something healthy to eat.” Nazima was finding it difficult to even speak at this point.

Still, she strongly gathered herself and carried on, “We frequently face issues with the electricity in the house that we are currently living in. One time, in the middle of the night, the electricity went out and I took the children to their father’s house. Instead of giving them a place to sleep, he threw them out. We don’t get any help from even his family after the divorce. They say that I have to reunite with him if I want the expenses to be covered. But I know that this is not a solution.”

We further looked into the living conditions of Nazima’s house. While there are a total of two rooms in the house, the two boys and the two little girls sleep with Nazima in one room. The children sleep on the floor in this small, 10 by 9-foot room. The cupboard and bed were very damaged. Books and dresses were kept in boxes. Nazima’s mother’s room is in such condition as well.

None of the rooms have a bathroom. If anyone needs to use the toilet, they have to go to a “valhu kotari”, which is built separately. This bathroom is clearly not adequate to be used by such small children. The toilet seat was low and very dirty from being used for such a long time. The tiles were broken and damaged. At a distance, there is a well that they use to take water for showering. The well is not even 4 feet in height. It was evident that the bathroom was not at all safe for the children.

The fact that she cannot provide good food and a happy life for her children is what makes Nazima most sad. The allowance provided by the government for single mothers has not been arranged yet. Moreover, providing the children with clothes and items needed for school has become a difficult task. Although the children’s father does not provide any help, he even forcefully took away the little gold she had to buy intoxicating substances. He even stole and sold away from the roofing sheets that were bought to cover the bathroom with the zakat money the family got. While the walls are not covered with cement, the roof of the kitchen is worn out and damaged. Because of this, whenever the weather is bad, the kitchen is flooded with water and becomes dirty.

We initiated a fundraising campaign to bring some light to this family’s miserable and dim life. Our purpose was to make this family respected by society. Our dua is that these small children grow up wearing beautiful clothes, eating healthy food while receiving a good education. Our aim is to work towards providing food, necessary furniture, kitchen appliances, and also clothing, stationery, and essential hygiene products for the children.

Help us make these children become decent people who are accepted by society and make this family happy! They have been waiting for a helping hand, let’s be the hand that holds them! Those who would like to help this family, please transfer to mom’s account and send the slip to our Facebook page.

The house was handed over on 9th December 2021

It was a successful conclusion to our Help Nazima’s campaign, thanks to the generous contributions from our donors and the unwavering support of “EHEE Jamiyya”. In December 2021, we handed over a fully renovated house to a single mother with six children, equipped with modern amenities including two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. The project also included roofing, a boundary wall, and all necessary furniture, tiling, and ceiling. Furthermore, we provided books, toys, and clothes for the children. We express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who donated for this noble cause and put their trust in us.


The Help Nazima’s family campaign was launched on 10th May 2021