Help Aisha’s Family

Help Aisha’s Family

Help Aisha’s family campaign

Every mother has dreams for their children from the moment they get the news of their pregnancy. They are willing to make sacrifices to bring up their children to secure a great future for their children. Aisha is a mother who also had similar hopes for her children.

She is a strong, single mother with four children under the age of 15. Despite her broken marriage and having to take full responsibility for the children all by herself, she continues her long journey for their sake.

As we verified Aisha’s situation, it became clear that life for this family was full of hardship and grief. Aisha and her children are living in an old, ruined, and small space with only one room, kitchen, and an open bathroom.

There is no way to renovate this house that was given by a well-wisher. As the whole house gets flooded by the rain, the family has been living in deplorable conditions. The house had already been deserted for several years when Aisha’s family moved in 10 years ago. However, the family was forced to move into the house as there was nowhere else to live.

The first thing that caught our eyes was the worn-out floor covering which was in an irreparable state. Even though it was mostly damaged, they would sometimes lay mattresses on the floor to sleep. Even the mattresses and pillows were too old and
battered to be used.

As Aisha spends her days in this difficult situation, the only person to lend a helping hand is her old mother. With the help of her mother, it is barely possible to provide basic needs for the children. It is difficult for Aisha’s mother to provide her full assistance as she is also a working woman. Aisha cannot work because she must look after her two
babies alone.

Aisha does not remember the last time she got clothes for her children. While she is unable to provide the necessities, there is rarely a complete meal at home. While Aisha has children from 2 marriages, the father and family do not provide any help. She is yet to obtain the allowance for single mothers as her 2nd marriage fell apart only recently and there is a delay in receiving all necessary documents.

“I cannot feed my children on many days. I cannot send them to school on numerous days because sometimes there is no food for the children’s interval. It deeply pains my heart to see them grow up in these circumstances.” These are the painful cries of Aisha.

As we verified the family’s situation further, we identified that Aisha and her children had gone through severe mental, emotional, and physical trauma. Being beaten every instance of anger in front of the children and the children also being beaten and physically abused are daily occurrences in the household. Aisha was able to save herself from this abusive life with a lot of courage.

After having fully verified this family’s situation, MOMS have started working on providing the children with their basic needs. We have started a fundraising campaign to provide the family with food, cosmetics, children’s nappy, mattress, pillows, a cupboard for clothes as well as for changing the floor covering and buying household items. This family needs our help urgently.

Help Aisha’s family campaign was launched on 26th December 2021.

The house was handed over to the family on 30th March 2022